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I’d like to inform you that we’ve made public our version of Kong 1.1.1 with MariaDB support and additional changes like IPv6 support or Cassandra cluster topology.

Of course I’m aware that the newest version is on 2.x and that DB-less is right now popular - however you may take a look on our implementation and consider supporting it together with PostgreSQL and Cassandra.

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Interesting work, thanks for sharing it! I did have a good time reading some of the patches :slight_smile: nice work.

I can’t help but notice that your patch for supporting C* cluster topology refresh was dated as of Aug 12th by git. Have you noticed #5071 already? It only made it into 1.4.0, but I think most of the patch can apply to 1.1.1 cleanly…

Hi Thibault (@thibaultcha),

Yes - we were aware about changes in 1.4.0. In fact our C* cluster awareness was made much earlier on 0.13.1 and at the time you’ve added it to 1.4.0 we had it already on our 1.1.1. Unfortunately reimplementation of MariaDB support (we did it first on 0.13.1 - making it public is doable but probably nobody needs it now) with all the changes in DAO in Kong 1.x plus another features and skip level upgrade took us some time (end of 2019).
We think that reimplementing this on 2.x is possible and probably the cost/time is not very big however from various reasons we also look more on DB-less now.
We know that there was big interest in the community in having this in Kong before your major DAO changes. If the community is still interested in this and you too then I’m open for more discussions on this topic.


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