Change the kong database to mysql or mongodb

I want to change the kong database to mysql or mongodb,But I don’t know much about kong,what should I do,thank you very much。

Hello @jianhongsun,

Kong currently supports Postgres and Cassandra.

thank you very much , I am not familiar with Postgres. To be honest, there are very few people using Postgres in China. We are more accustomed to mysql or mongo. Can future versions of kong support mysql or mongo? Is there any plan for this?

Hello @jianhongsun,

With Kong 1.0, Kong’s new DAO is being used in the entire code-base and it should now be possible to add support for other databases. Please take a look at existing strategies, based on which you can implement a strategy for MySQL.

This is good news for me.3q @hbagdi


I’d like to inform you that we’ve made public our version of Kong 1.1.1 with MariaDB support and additional changes like IPv6 support or Cassandra cluster topology.

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Any reason not to PR some of these features into the origin repo of Kong? I would think MariaDB support feat. would be an accepted kind of thing as long as subsequent docs were updated as well.

@jarekchr Interesting! I moved your topic to the Announcements channel, please don’t be shy and do advertise new Kong tools and releases there, it was meant for this! :slight_smile:

Continuing the discussion on the fork there.