KONNECT to a private network

Hi there,

I already use KONNECT, but that is in the form of a plugin using AWS, which is easy to configure. However, I can’t find anywhere a clear cut tutorial or docs that would tell me how to use KONNECT from the KONNECT website alone to configure the upstream for a private network.

Essentially I don’t want to connect to https://petstore.swagger.io/, for example, which is a public website, but I want to connect a dataplane node to a private address (maybe via a VPN) via KONNECT. And I cannot find any example on how to do so.

You can install the Kong Gateway dataplanes for Konnect in any environment, not just in a Cloud environment. We support a variety of installation options (Installation Options - Kong Konnect | Kong Docs).

Those dataplanes would be in that private network [note: Gateway still needs an egress path to Konnect Cloud] and so can proxy to private services.

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