Konnect Key Auth plugin Identify consumers upstream


We’ve been working on implementing Konnect and adding key-based authentication through the aptly named plugin: Key Auth - Plugin | Kong Docs

It does work as expected, but we do need to be able to identify requests upstream since we need to do additional authorisation to access specific resources in the upstream API.

I didn’t find a way to automatically attach customer identification through the Key auth plugin so far, but I did see we could eventually retrieve consumers information through the used api key: Key Auth - Plugin | Kong Docs

But it does not seem there is an analog endpoint on Konnect numerous APIs to actually access this information since if I’ve understood well, there’s no way to access the gateway admin API on Konnect.

Is there a way to pass down consumer information upstream automatically or access this endpoint on Konnect’s API ?

I missed the part I needed in the doc that was here: Key Auth - Plugin | Kong Docs

So no issue at all actually, my bad for missing it.

Glad you figured it out!