Konnect admin API to manage consumers

Hi all,
Does Konnect have admin api to manage consumers and Auth config.
We are planing use Key Authentication and did not find any APIs to manage consumers.

Hi Raighne,
I’m on the product team for Konnect. Nice to meet you! Can you provide a bit more information on what you are you hoping to accomplish with the Admin API?
We haven’t exposed the Admin API yet in Konnect, but it is a major initiative for us this year. That cp0.konghq.com domain, which is specific to each runtime group, is currently only used for Dataplane <> Control Plane communication.
That said, you can use deck sync, diff, dump to interact with your Runtime Groups, exactly as you would with Kong Gateway OSS or Kong Enterprise.
deck dump --konnect-runtime-group-name default \ –format json \ –output-file examples/konnect.json
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Our current API is using key_auth for our consumers. now we want to migrate to konnect with key_auth and rate-limit plugins.
but I found we don’t have admin-api to manage our consumer. i only found a web portal to manage Konnect, it’s impossible for us to upload consumer by a web portal.
Do you any suggestions that we can trigger konnect to create/update/delete consumers in our own business api.

Looks like there’s now a Konnect API - https://developer.konghq.com :tada:

Though there isn’t yet any functionality to get the API consumers. Are there plans to add this in the near future?

Hi Vince!

Yes, we’re very excited to have started rolling out official documented & supported APIs for Kong Konnect. You can find the specs https://developer.konghq.com (surprise! It’s a Konnect Developer Portal) with additional documentation here: Konnect APIs | Kong Docs.

The first API we shipped relates to Konnect Identity Management (teams, users, & permissions). Next you’ll see Runtime Group management APIs (create, delete, runtime groups), then finally Runtime Group configuration APIs (a.k.a. “Kong Admin API” for managing Gateway Services, Routes, Plugins, etc).

We expect to have both of those APIs public later this calendar year.

When you refer to API consumers, are you referring to this Kong Gateway Consumers object?


Hi @Ross_Kukulinski,

When you refer to API consumers, are you referring to this Kong Gateway Consumers object?

Yes exactly that. I take it that will be part of the ‘Runtime Group configuration APIs’ and it could be a nice xmas present for me? :laughing:

Guess it depends, @vince.beam - have you been naughty or nice? :rofl:

It’s certainly on the Christmas list I sent to :santa: :wink:

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Update: Runtime Group management API is now public.

Runtime group configuration (“admin api”) in-progress.

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