Kong Konnect Admin API

I have the Control Plane on Kong Konnect and have the host name for Control Plane. How do I access the Admin API ?

https://****.us.cp0.konghq.com - tried this over 443 and it just shows 404 Not Found.

Hi John,

I’m the overall product lead for Konnect - nice to meet you! What are you hoping to accomplish with the Gateway Admin API?

We haven’t exposed the Admin API yet in Konnect. That cp0.konghq.com domain, which is specific to each runtime group, is currently only used for Dataplane <> Control Plane communication.

That said, you can use deck sync, diff, dump to interact with your Runtime Groups, exactly as you would with Kong Gateway OSS or Kong Enterprise.

deck dump --konnect-runtime-group-name default \ --format json \ --output-file examples/konnect.json


Thanks Ross. Nice to meet you.

I was able to perform deck actions. Just was wondering if there is an equivalent admin APIs to check on the existing resources without logging into UI console.

I am new to Kong and exploring it for POC to see an end-to-end use case of API deployment with just the API Specs.

Makes total sense! We don’t have the APIs you’re looking for publicly available/documented, but that’s a major initiative for us this year.

Note, however, that Kong Enterprise (self-managed) does offer that complete admin API experience if that’s a critical requirement for your short-term consumption.