Cannot access ADMIN API (port 8001)

I am installing Kong in docker desktop (windows) DB -less. why when I want to access admin API (http:localhost:8001) showed {“message”:“Not found”} what am I missing here? Please help


@fee - It means you have either not set or wrongly set Admin API while deploying Kong gateway. Please check below parameters are being set while deploying your Kong gateway

 -v "$(pwd):/kong/declarative/"
-e "KONG_DECLARATIVE_CONFIG=/kong/declarative/kong.yml"
-p 8001:8001

Make sure path mentioned under -v and KONG_DECLARATIVE_CONFIG are matching.

so it means I have to save kong.yml in my local first and put path in "KONG_DECLARATIVE_CONFIG= is it?

You can do one thing, deploy the kong with kong.yml and later login to container and change admin api path and restart the kong gateway