Kong send log's to Graylog

Hi Guys! Im new! I want to know your experience! Who is the better way to send Kong log’s to Log Server (Like Splunk or Graylog)? Have you got a tutorial, for shared to me? THanks to everyone!


Saw this old post! Figured I would drop you some insight:

So we have an example that can log to the splunk HEC (HTTP Event Collector) here:

And I am working on a Graylog solution shortly too of a similar nature. I am evaluating Graylog as a Splunk alternative potentially. Still struggling a ton with Graylog queries, how to do complex Histograms charting multiple things ect via REST API and basic queries but maybe I will get there soon! Will do a write up on Kong + Graylog down the road eventually but right now Graylog’s query engine just it not as complete or powerful as Splunk to a degree. Either that or I am just bad at Graylog/Elastic Search Querying xD . I do dig the ethos of Graylog because its open source with a community forum and open core which is nice, and everyone needs a great log solution.

Hi there any update on gray log integration with kong?

Graylog supports TCP, beats/logstash, syslog, and possibly HTTP too.

You can use any of the logging plugins in Kong to set up logging to Graylog.

Thanks Harish for your reply. What if we are not using gray log can you please suggest alternative logging management tool that support TCP or UDP or other means we can use with Kong

Thanks again