DB tracing integrations

It would be really neat to see future integrations of Kong with sample rate tracing following open tracing standards(like the zipkin plugin) where we can see the C* or Postgres latency on Kong proxy traffic calls. One thing I feel Kong lacks is really exposing and bringing to light the metrics of underlying db query times and latency Kong sees(added bonus if actual queries get stored with the latency results to study which queries need rework or optimizations, great for kong debugging down the road at scale). Likely something on the todo list that gets pushed back regularly, but certainly a nice insight to have. And maybe then such latency metrics also get pushed into pretty charts and graphs for the enterprise portal offerings for added value too.

Yes, this is something that’s on our minds :slight_smile:

The same goes for granular plugins execution metrics and DNS resolution, among others.

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To get that level of detail would be crazy cool. Looking forward to seeing what gets cooked up!