Kong roadmap and 2.0 release


We are looking at implementing Kong as our API gateway product and I was hoping to get some more details on the Kong 2.0 release mentioned in this blog post: https://konghq.com/blog/kong-gateway-2-0-released-at-kong-summit-2019/. I am hesitant to spend the effort implementing Kong 1.x only to have a big suite of required changes not long after.

  1. Is there an expected date for the 2.0 release?

  2. The major version change indicates breaking changes. Do you have any indication of how extensive these changes would be?



Indeed, it seems quite bizarre and frustrating that the major version was released as an open alpha but with no apparent documentation around it, especially wrt what major breaking changes it has made.

This was put out today which addresses some (but not all) of your questions, @connection_error:

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