Kong-Kubernetes-Windows local development setup

Hi All,

I would appreciate some guidance before I go too far astray.

I am doing local development on a Windows Laptop and docker desktop. As things are getting more complicated, plugins and their configuration, I am unable to translate the curl admin API calls in the examples to useable Kubernetes manifests or Kong configuration YAML.

My current workaround is another Kong gateway running in a docker container and deck to extract the configuration. But, what is the best way to deploy the deck output to the DB-less Kong pod running in Kubernetes?

The ultimate destination for the application is bare metal in a closed environment so I am not using a cloud development environment on purpose.

Current Situation:

  • docker-desktop kubernetes running
  • microservices deployed
  • Kong DB-less running Kubernetes with configurations routing calls to the microservices


  • Kong with postgress dababase running in docker
  • Ubuntu with deck installed in docker connecting to the docker/kong container.