Kong Kubernetes deployment maps


I want to inject a map into my kong deployment on my kubernetes cluster, but it isn´t working. We are Using Kong Chart version 2.3

To inject configs into the nginx.conf http {} block you need to make an env value in the Kong deployment, for example

    name: KONG_NGINX_HTTP_MAP value: "$time_local:$msec" $time_local_ms { ~(^\S+)(\s+\S+):\d+.(\d+)$ $1.$3$2 }

In this example i get the error unexpected “}”

If i delete it i always get [emerg] invalid number of the map parameters in /kong_prefix/nginx-kong.conf:48

name: KONG_NGINX_HTTP_MAP value: “$time_local:$msec” $time_local_ms { ~(^\S+)(\s+\S+):\d+.(\d+)$ $1.$3$2

I tried a hell lot of formating but still didn´t manage to get this or an easy map example running