Custom Plugins on Kubernetes


I’m trying to install/use custom plugins on Kong running in Kubernetes, and am facing some issues. Currently, it appears that my plugins are loaded by are not applied to incoming requests.

I have several plugins installed as ConfigMaps, of the following format:
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: kong-my-plugin
namespace: my-namespace
handler.lua: |
– handler code…
schema.lua: |
– schema code…

I can see these plugins are mounted on the kong deployment, and when I look at the pod environment, they are listed in the KONG_PLUGINS environment variable (there are also no errors on kong pod startup). However, when I create an Ingress object and attach the KongPlugin objects via the annotation, the corresponding plugin code does not seem to execute for any requests to kong.

For reference, I am using the following values for the Kong helm chart:

  • name: kong-plugin-one
    pluginName: plugin-one
  • name: kong-my-plugin
    pluginName: my-plugin

installCRDs: false

runAsUser: 1337
runAsGroup: 0
fsGroup: 0
tag: 2.3.1

Am I missing any configuration on setting up custom plugins? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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