Custom Plugins on Kubernetes


I’m trying to install/use custom plugins on Kong running in Kubernetes, and am facing some issues. Currently, it appears that my plugins are loaded by are not applied to incoming requests.

I have several plugins installed as ConfigMaps, of the following format:
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: kong-my-plugin
namespace: my-namespace
handler.lua: |
– handler code…
schema.lua: |
– schema code…

I can see these plugins are mounted on the kong deployment, and when I look at the pod environment, they are listed in the KONG_PLUGINS environment variable (there are also no errors on kong pod startup). However, when I create an Ingress object and attach the KongPlugin objects via the annotation, the corresponding plugin code does not seem to execute for any requests to kong.

For reference, I am using the following values for the Kong helm chart:

  • name: kong-plugin-one
    pluginName: plugin-one
  • name: kong-my-plugin
    pluginName: my-plugin

installCRDs: false

runAsUser: 1337
runAsGroup: 0
fsGroup: 0
tag: 2.3.1

Am I missing any configuration on setting up custom plugins? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Bumping, any ideas here on why the plugins would not be used by Kong?

Figured this out, had to do with multiple configuration issues on the ingress side and the plugin side that were brought about by differences in a previous kong install and the helm chart kong install.