Kong-Ingress memory usage was increased

I met the blocking of forwarding request in kong-ingress
I checked kong memory over limits of node.
I tested and checked memory during 1 day. (2086985728 Bytes-> 2148147200 Bytes)
It increase slowly not come down.

There is no error log in kong-ingress.


  • Kubernetes
  • Kong (1.4.2), Kong-ingress (0.6.0)
  • use stable chart
  • Plugin (JWT, custom plugin)

The increase is by 50 MB, which might be because of caching.
Give Kong another Gigabyte and if it hits that then we have a problem.

Thank you for your fast reply.

One and a half days later, the memory continues to grow without decreasing. (about 70 MB)
Is there no decreasing or maximum of caching?

If memory usage exceeds 1GB, I will report it.