Aggresive increase in kong memory usage

I am using kong since one month now in kubernetes cluster with ingress-controller.

I upgraded yesterday to last kong version (1.4) and the memory usage grow constantly even if the rps on APIs stay low ( less than 1rps).



Could it come from the last kong version ?

I deployed kong with helm and I don’t specify any limits nor requests, I want first to determine the average consumption of kong in my cluster.

I am using some plugins:

  • rate limit
  • white list
  • prometheus
  • basic-auth

Seems related to: Possible memory leak - Kong 1.4 & KIC 0.6.1

I also had similar experience with kong latest version. We also had a similar setup we are running on kubernetes cluster with latest ingress-controller. Also we have following plugin enabled

  • JWT
  • ip-restriction

Image: Memory usage is increasing.

I downgraded kong to my previous version (1.3) and the memory usage come back to normal (average 100mo used ) . I presume that there is an memory leak in the 1.4 versions … I am waiting a fix before reupgrade

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Just wondering which ingress controller are you using with kong 1.3 ?

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