Kong Ingress controller

Hey guys, How you doing?
I have a question about KIC, I’m using two ingress controllers inside a k8s cluster, a deployed NIC and a KIC,
even though I define the --ingress-class=kong on KIC args, my api’s still using the default backend from NIC.
Could you please help me with this question? Below my ingress conf:
apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1

kind: Ingress
kubernetes.io/ingress.class: “kong”
name: foo
namespace: foo

  • host: foo.com
    • backend:
      serviceName: foo
      servicePort: 80
      path: /foo

Thank you guys in advance!

Hello @Eddie4Frost,
I’m not sure what you mean by this. The ingress-class command-line option and annotation is used to filter out Ingress resources that should be satisfied by a specific Ingress Controller. It will have no effect on the backend being used.

Hello @hbagdi,
That’s it. Thank you for your repply, I solved it, I forgoten to declare in annotations the correct ingress class.