Is the IngressClass resource necessary for KIC 2.7?

The Kong helm chart 2.13.1 installs “kong” Ingressclass, and we are curious if this resource is necessary.

We are using KIC 2.7 and kong 2.8.3 on GKE, and I’ve tested KIC after deleting the IngressClass kong, and KIC is still working properly.

On the ingresses, we are defining in the annotations “ kong”, and since the Kong Ingress Controller by default expects the kong class, do you foresee any issues with running the KIC without the IngressClass resource?

Not at all.

KIC can “monitor” any IngressClass in order to work db-less, the “kong” IngressClass is pretty much a suggestion.

In an Enterprise setup, though, you’d probably use an ingressclass for webapp traffic (say, “nginx”) and another dedicated to APIs (“kong”).