Kong hybrid - data plane cluster per workspace

Hi Kong Nation,
We have a distributed infrastructure, where we have our API’s reside in multiple cloud workspaces (azure / aws) and we currently looking at deploying Kong data planes in each of these workspaces. The current issue we are seeing is, if we attach all these data planes to a single control plane then all these data planes will get the exact same copy of configurations. (say a route /azure/my/api will be available in my aws workspace as well)

Is there a simpler way in Hybrid mode in which we can say Azure-Data-Plane gets only the configs which are meant for Azure and same with AWS workspace? We thought Kong Workspaces could come in handy, but there isn’t a way I suppose; like a switch / config something; KONG_DATA_PLANE_WORKSPACE.
Any alternative way, or something that we missing / aren’t aware of?