Workspace aware Hybrid mode

Hi Kong Nation !

We are super amped about Hybrid mode coming to Kong Enterprise !
It will make the management, scalability and redundancy of our infrastructure infinitely better. Also easier to upgrade Kong without causing any downtime.

We do have one concern though, in regards to workspaces.

We use workspaces to isolate between different teams and tenants, and would like to use this as a base for isolation in our proxy as well.

With Hybrid mode, the proxy is separated from the control plane (admin, ui etc.), and runs DBless which scales much better.

But as far as we can understand thus far, the data plane (proxy) will pull down ALL the configuration from the control plane, for ALL workspaces.

We would like to run isolated proxies per workspace, to further build in redundancy between our tenants.

Meaning proxy per workspace, so when spinning up a new data plane, we would like to for instance specify a flag --workspace= and have the proxy pull down only global config (plugins) and workspace specific services and routes.

This would allow massive redundancy when upgrading data planes or when scaling separate tenants.

This also allows us isolated upgrades of our own services, when we modify an ingress, so it would only affect one workspace, and that workspaces control planes then update, and everything else stays stable.

Has this been discussed as a possible feature before and is there any feedback from the community regarding this ?

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