Kong file log control

I am using kong file log for fluent-bit side-car.
The log is created inside the kong container, but is not deleted.
I looked for the settings, but only the log settings were found, but I couldn’t find the rotate or delete settings.
What settings are necessary to periodically clear the file log in the kong container?

Kubernetes: v1.18.1


prefix: /usr/local/kong/
proxy_error_log: logs/proxy_error.log
admin_error_log: logs/admin_error.log

Thank you for all…

=================== append

I found this
Kong still doesn’t support log rotate?
Is there any plan to support?
I want to kong container image need to include logrotate.

Just to clarify: it isn’t Kong’s responsibility to rotate logs but yours. Kong can rotate logs just like NGINX does (Kong is NGINX). If you want to rotate Kong’s logs, do it the same way you would rotate NGINX’s logs.

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