Kong file log plugin error

I’m using the kong file log plugin to write logs to a file and using fluentbit to pick up and sent that log to Graylog. But fluentbit unable to pick up this particular file. if we give *.log, the other log files are being fetched.

Thanks for any information !!!

Is the file present if you exec into the container? The plugin isn’t able to control much more than writing it, so if it’s present and non-empty, you’d need to investigate the issue on the fluentbit side.

If it is not present:

  • Are you sure the plugin is configured on an Ingress that is receiving traffic? You can check the Kong admin API to list generated plugin configurations and their associated routes/services and then send an X-Kong-Debug: 1 header in your request to confirm the route and service ID.
  • Are you writing it to a writable location? Some of our configurations will enforce a read-only root container filesystem, and all run as a user that does not have global write permissions. /tmp is always writeable.

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