Kong api log is missing from my server

kong api log under /use/local/kong/logs path is missing from my kong server.
Under logs path having file as below.

How to get log back?

My environment
kong version 0.11.2
Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

Hello, access.log and error.log are the default logfiles provided by nginx. What was the name of the file you are missing?

If you want to see your debug Example: ngx.log(ngx.DEBUG, 'log details') log then you need to change log_level notice to debug in /etc/kong/kong.conf or /etc/kong/kong.conf.default

log_level = debug

And the DEBUG and ERR log is printed in the same error.log file.

Hi i’m already resolve my problem because i’m comment out admin_access_log and admin_error_log from kong.conf

But i’ve a question.
Kong is provide to rotate kong log or not?

Kong does not rotate its logs. It’s possible to set up an external tool like logrotate over its logs. The way to do this will depend on how you have installed Kong in the first place.

Just to clarify: it isn’t Kong’s responsibility to rotate logs but yours. Kong can rotate logs just like NGINX does (Kong is NGINX). If you want to rotate Kong’s logs, do it the same way you would rotate NGINX’s logs.