Kong dbless - how to get current configuration?


I am using kong 1.1.1 and now trying the dbless feature.

I know that I need to POST yml file to the /config endpoint and as a response I am getting the just-applied configuration.


the /config endpoint doesn’t accept GET request

Is there any way to get the current kong’s configuration using single request where the response looks similar to the POST on /config response?

My use case - I want to edit kong’s configuration in dbless mode but I don’t have access to the initial kong.yml file.


Szymon Klimuk

Ok, it looks like I’m just replying to myself.

Looking at the kong/api/routes/config.lua, the GET support for /config endpoint was added in kong 1.4.0


Please update to a newer version. This was added in Kong 1.2 or Kong 1.3.