DBLess Kong | reload configuration


We are trying out the latest DBLess Kong in Kubernetes. And our Kong configuration(Services, Routes etc) is defined in a ConfigMap.

Is there is a way where Kong can reload the configuration when the ConfigMap is edited to add a new service/route?!

Our configuration is very simple and configuring Kong Ingress Controller seems like a overkill.


Hello @cedar715,

Do you mean that you have a ConfigMap holding the content of a kong.yml declarative config file that you would like to be read by Kong (POSTed to /config endpoint in Kong) whenever the ConfigMap is changed?


Sorry for the delay in response Harry @hbagdi !

Yes, the kong.yml is mounted as ConfigMap and yes if there is a change in ConfigMap, I want it to get reloaded in the Kong.

Many thanks!


Hi @hbagdi, can you reply, please?


@cedar715 If you’re using helm, you can easily add an annotation with a sha256 of the configmap which will then roll the deployment automatically.

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