Schema for DBless Declarative Config

I am deploying kong 2.8 in dbless mode. Where can I find the schema of the yaml file? It would help to understand how to configure kong.


One tip to get declarative config is to run Kong with DB first, configure whatever you need and then use deck to dump the config out.


  1. Do you have a docker-compose file that includes kong with postgres to get quickly started?
  2. How do we configure kong when running in db mode? Would we need a ui like konga or do we execute api calls through postman?


I only use admin api. IMO it is better than any GUI.

As for a quick docker-compose file with postgres, you can get it from this blog post.

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This docker-compose worked for me without much hassles.

Use the “database” profile to install with db.

Hope that helps.

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