Kong 1.5.0 released!

Hello Kong Nation!

We are happy to announce the release of Kong 1.5.0!

This is the last release in the Kong 1.x series, and it was designed to help Kong 0.x users upgrade out of that series and into more current releases.

Kong 1.5.0 includes two features designed to ease the transition process: the new kong migrations migrate-apis commands, to help users migrate away from old apis entities which were deprecated in Kong 0.13.0 and removed in Kong 1.0.0, and a compatibility flag to provide better router compatibility across Kong versions.

The highlight of this release are:

  • :fireworks: New path_handling attribute in Routes entities, which selects the behavior the router will have when combining the Service Path, the Route Path, and the Request path into a single path sent to the upstream. This attribute defines if the router should behave as in Kong 0.x or Kong 1.x. #5360
  • :construction_worker_woman: Important fixes in the router and plugins, which can be read about in the Changelog.

:package: The distribution packages are available for download in our usual community repositories!

:arrow_up: The recommended upgrade path is the usual one for minor version bumps. They are detailed in Upgrade Path to 1.5.0.

:books: The documentation for this version can be found at our docs site, under the 1.5.x tag.

:whale: The updated Docker image will be live soon on Docker Hub.

Happy Konging! :heart:

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