KONG 0.12.2 Proxy Port Caching

Hi I am in process of upgrading Kong docker instances to 0.12.2 from 0.10.3. Have completed upgrading in my test environment, noticed some changes, for ex in 0.10.3 if Cassandra would not be running , proxy port 8000 would still function from cache but this doesnt seem to be the case in 0.12.2. I have two Kong instances in test lets say A & B using same common cassandra db on A , if db goes down i have seen both Kong A & B proxy ports error out or sometimes proxy port on B will work for some time before it errors out. I am assuming this has something to do with removed SERF dependency since version 0.11, and constant polling of DB( Architecture step forward or backward?). what would be ways to avoid proxy port stop functioning? running multiple cassandra instances in their own cluster and pointing Kong instances to these cassandra instances? do these variables db_update_propogation etc help?