Is Classic Distributed mode available with Community edition

Hi All,

Could someone help me understand the following regarding the Classic Distributed mode?

1- Are any limitations in using the Classic distributed mode in the community edition?
2- Do I need to configure Services, Routes & plugin in all the nodes(Control Plane and Data plane)?
3- Assuming these configurations are only required in the Control plane, then what if that node goes down, will the other nodes (Data Plane) still function with all the configurations intact(sourcing from datastore)? Or does the Control plane have some dependencies on it?


The term “Control Plane” and “Data Plane” refers to the Hybrid Mode deployment in Kong:

I am not certain about what “Classic distributed mode” means, but if you are referring to the traditional deployment mode, yes it is supported in the community edition. Clustering Reference - v2.3.x | Kong - Open-Source API Management and Microservice Management contains more info about it.

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