Kong Rate limiting

Hi community,

I was thinking of integrating Kong as the API gateway in front of my APIs majorly for rate limiting purposes. I have few questions regarding that -
Q1. We require a distributed rate limiting feature, does kong community edition support that?
Q2. We would require mutiple nodes of the API gateway. Is there a limit in community edition for nodes in the cluster?
Q3. If one node fails is there a failover strategy to prevent breakdown?

I need to understand which of the above features are available in community edition vs enterprise edition.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, ratelimiting with the policy field set to cluster the ratelimiting info will be periodically refreshed from the database. The redis policy will do the same with a Redis database, but you will need one. The only policy that is not distributed is local.

There is no limit.

Kong has load balancing capabilities to manage multiple upstream servers, but it does not have load balancing capabilities for the Kong cluster itself.

If you are setting Kong in a cluster, you will have to put your own load balancer in front of the Kong cluster. It would be your load balancer’s responsibility to detect such breakdowns and act accordingly.