Issue with Rate limit defined through KongClusterPlugin


We created a rate limiting feature through KongClusterPlugin with redis DB.
$ echo "
kind: KongClusterPlugin
name: global-rate-limit
annotations: kong
global: “true”
minute: 5
policy: redis
redis_host: redis
plugin: rate-limiting
" | kubectl apply -f -

Our Setup has Three Kong gateway pods running in K8s. This works fine sometimes and sometimes not. That is, I see 429 errors after 5th call in the same minute sometimes and other times it allows more than 5 calls in the same minute.

I removed the rate limit KongClusterPlugin from the cluster and even then my APIs are failing with this rate limit values. I am getting 429 errors after few hits even after removing the rate limit KongClusterPlugin from the K8s cluster.

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