Installing Kong Gateway on Windows System


Hi All,

I am knew to Kong Gateway and want to make set-up for learning.

As per Kong installation guide it support various OS but in list I can’t find windows Operating System. Can anyone please help to understand If I can set-up Kong Trial version on some windows operating system.

Can anyone please help on this.

Baharul Islam



Kong has no support for Windows as of this day.
We recommend that you run Kong’s Docker image if you must run Kong in a windows host.



Thanks for your reply. In Docker installation instruction that is provided , it will install community version or which version of Kong?

Baharul Islam


By default, the steps install kong:latest docker image, which points to 0.14.1 as of today.
Please note that with every release of Kong, the latest tag of Docker image is updated.


Thank you hbagdi for your clarification.