Insomnia Billing Support

I’m trying to get support for an Insomnia billing issue. The Insomnia support email auto-replies that it is no longer in use, and points to a Kong support page that requires a Kong account to utilize, which I don’t have since apparently Kong and Insomnia still use different account bases. So I’m stuck and unable to contact your support team. I have posted requests on the Insomnia slack channel, to no avail. So now I’m posting here in hopes someone at Kong will see this and reach out.

I am being billed for an Insomnia Teams account, with no way to adjust it, cancel it, or add or remove people on it.

Same here. I’m in exactly the same situation. I’d like to get in contact with support to get access to our invoices. It’s a pretty rough transition for support closing a communication channel when they are still needed while the replacement is not fully operational if you ask me.

I also need a support email for billing issue by Insomnia