No Responses from Kong Sales


Probably this isn’t the best place to post this. But we tried every possible way to reach Kong Sales and there is no response at all. We’ve tried to reach Kong since November 2021 and since got one mail from a representative who isn’t answering or responding to any of our follow-up emails.

I’m hoping someone from Kong Staff here can help us understand why this is happening and help us solve the issues we are having. I think it’s very unprofessional for Kong not to respond to emails from a company that wants to pay for Kong’s services.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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Hi Amit,

I sincerely apologize for this and will make sure someone follows up with you ASAP.

Appreciate you let us know,

Felderi Santiago
VP - Solutions Engineering

Dear All,

I have the same concerns. I have sent multiple email to sales team and still awaiting for the meeting to be schedule. We have proposed KONG gateway to one of our customer so looking for the support from Kong team about its pricing and technical and training support from Kong.

Best Regards,
Pankaj Kolapkar