Import declarative config into workspace (OpenAPI)

Hi all,

I’ve been trying kong for a few days but I’m struggling in understanding the integration with OpenAPI. I’d like to:

  • import an openapi file in Kong studio and sync with dev portal
  • create services and routes based on the OpenAPI yml file
  • keep the services and routes in sync with the openapi yml file

I was able to generate a declarative configuration with Kong Studio. Now I have this kong.yml file but I don’t know how to import it into my workspace.

I tried to upload it via CURL but the cloud version is not db-less:
curl -X POST --data “config=@kong.yml” -H “Kong-Admin-Token: XXXXXXX”
{“message”:“this endpoint is only available when Kong is configured to not use a database”}

How do I sync the paths of the OpenAPI file with services and routes of my workspace? I could not find any official documentation that shows how to achieve this. Is decK the only way to go? Is the declarative configuration compatible with it?

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I’m working on a trial cloud version of kong enterprise v1.3.

Thank you.

Hi @Enrico!

Thank you trialing Kong Enterprise.

Glad to hear you were able to use Kong Studio to generate declarative config. To sync the declarative config with Enterprise, use decK! The declarative configuration is compatible with decK.

If you have additional questions, please let us know.