How to use my own UUIDv4 as service and route ID?

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I use Kong since version 0.11. And at version below 0.13, I can use my own UUID as API ID and also for others like upstream, certificate, and plugin. I just add 2 attributes in request body like this :

“id”:“my UUIDv4”,
“created_at”:“recent date time in number”,
…other attributes…

and after that Kong will use my UUID as ID. But now, on version 0.13, I can not do this method again for service and route. I use NodeJS as Kong management and also store data to 2 other database. I use asynchronous method so I can write all data directly to 2 DB and Kong at the same time. I use single ID to DBs and Kong so I must use synchronous method for service and route because I must use ID given by Kong. My questions is :

  1. Is it bug or feature for injecting ID as I did when using Kong below 0.13?
  2. Is devs has any plan to make users can use their own UUIDv4 as ID for service and route?
  3. If devs really want to make users can not use their ID for service & route, and must use ID given by Kong, will it happen to other object like upstream and certificate in the future? Because I still can use my own UUID as ID for other objects except service and route.

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