I can't external settings id when post entity

In order to ensure higher availability, there are two Kong clusters in our company, which are redundantly written by the business layer. We write data to both clusters through our own Dashboard. In this scenario, the id of the Kong entity needs to be generated by our Dashboard.
In the kong 0.13.0 (also 0.14) version, some entities are allowed to set the id (such as plugin) by external, but not partially (such as service/route). This kind of processing is only because the development of the new mode, did not notice this point, or intentionally.
The following is my modification, use support to allow external settings id
kong/db/schema/init.lua function Schema:process_auto_fields(input, context)

function Schema:process_auto_fields(input, context)
  local output = tablex.deepcopy(input)
  local now = time()

  for key, field in self:each_field() do
    if field.auto then
      -- this is my modification
      if field.uuid and context == "insert" then
        if output[key] == nil then
          output[key] = utils.uuid()

      elseif (key == "created_at" and (context == "insert")) or
             (key == "updated_at" and (context == "update"   or
                                       context == "insert")) then
        output[key] = now

    local field_value = output[key]

    if field_value ~= nil then
      local field_type  = field.type
      if field_type == "array" then
        output[key] = make_array(field_value)
      elseif field_type == "set" then
        output[key] = make_set(field_value)

    elseif context ~= "update" then
      handle_missing_field(key, field, output)

  return output