How to setup kong gateway with SSE properly

Hi, I’m trying to find some walkthrough/docs on how to setup the kong gateway with the Server Side Events (SSE) properly and I cannot find any relevant material.
I’ve found this github issue - How does kong support sse(Server Sent Events) · Kong/kong · Discussion #11151 · GitHub - that recommends updating nginx template with

proxy_cache off;  # Turn off caching
proxy_buffering off;  # Turn off proxy buffering
chunked_transfer_encoding on;  # Turn on chunked transfer encoding
tcp_nopush on;  # Turn on TCP NOPUSH option, disable Nagle algorithm
tcp_nodelay on;  # Turn on TCP NODELAY option, disable delay ACK algorithm
keepalive_timeout 300;  # Set keep-alive timeout to 65 seconds

my issue is that I have other routes that are just regular rest api not SSE and I’m wondering how they be affected.

Do you have any experience with setting SSE endpoints with kong and how to do it the ‘correct’ way ?
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