Implement proxy_ssl_server_name/ssl_name

Hello folks,

I am new to Kong and at the moment I am trying to setup POC with Kong v3.0.0.0 in a hybrid mode as a reverse proxy with the Enterprise version.
I have hard time finding out how to implement for a given service and a given route the following nginx directives for a given server context in a given location:

  • proxy_ssl_server_name
  • proxy_ssl_name
  • proxy_intercept_errors
  • proxy_ssl_verify
  • proxy_ssl_verify_depth
  • proxy_ssl_session_reuse

I also found this topic:

and also this plugin:

What I tried so far was to import the given server config with its locations as a custom template via:

however Kong error returned- the server directive was not allowed and I gave up on that one.

Any help will be much appreciated!