Setting proxy_buffers nginx config for Kong


Got 4 questions about setting some nginx config for Kong.

We might need to set these nginx vars:

It looks like from the Kong nginx template currently, they are “disabled until benchmarked”.

  1. So I assume right now they cannot be set from a kong.conf setting?

  2. if no for above, will they be configurable in the future once benchmarked?

  3. The only way currently would be setting up our own custom template like here?:

  4. Are they configurable from kong.conf in Kong EE?

Hopefully someone can help!


Ah looks like 0.14.0 might solve this?

Support for injecting Nginx directives via configuration properties (in the kong.conf file or via environment variables)! This new way of customizing the Nginx configuration should render obsolete the old way of maintaining a custom Nginx template in most cases!

So once upgrade to 0.14.0 I assume (given the examples in the github ticket) I could do this in kong.conf…

nginx_proxy_proxy_buffers=4 256k

which would set

proxy_buffers=4 256k;

Look correct?


Yes, that is correct. You might find more info about this in the docs:

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Yeah that works perfectly! Thanks for confirmng @kikito!