How to enable ldap-auth browser popup

Hi all,

I’m experimenting with kong and trying to find if it fits our organisation requirements. Currently i have the following problems :

  • When using ldap-auth and user/pass, browsers do not show popup to enter user/pass. I understand this is due to the response header

Is it possible to change this behaviour, any extra plugin that would enable / disable this for HTTP 401 codes ?


I was discussing this morning this issue with a colleague.
Here’s a pull request that addresses the issue

Thanks, i see that you made a commit already.
When do you expect this to be released in Kong official build ?

You’re welcome…

I’m not from Kong’s dev team, so it’s not up to me to include the patch in the official build. But usually, the dev team is quite quick to look into contribs, and since this patch is made of very few lines and actually fixes a bug, I think it should be accepted and merged quickly (a matter of days, maybe it could be up to a couple of weeks?).

I made my pull request against the “Next” branch, so once merged, it means the feature will be available in the next version (so I think that would be 0.15). Maybe I should have merged it against the master (that’s more or less the old bug/feature discussion).

In the meantime, if you need it badly, you can apply the patch yourself to your kong instances.

Thanks for the fast response and work. I think my testing will not be impacted by this minor issue.
I will wait for the official release.

We just merged @francois-maillard’s patch to address this issue:

Expect it to be included in the next release (for which we do not have a date yet, but a month at most). Thanks for bringing this up to our attention and thank you @francois-maillard for the fix.