Not all attributes works for LDAP AUTH plugin

I am using Kong over Kubernetes.

I have tried to use the LDAP AUTH with this configuration

“id”: “93dsd0bfa-g851-4953-abdkje54-b7461545S806”,
“name”: “ldap-auth”,
“enabled”: true,
“created_at”: 1479514353000,
“config”: {
“attribute”: “sAMAccountName”,
“cache_ttl”: 60,
“timeout”: 10000,
“start_tls”: false,
“hide_credentials”: false,
“ldap_host”: “@IP of my ldap”,
“base_dn”: “dc=dev,dc=com”,
“ldap_port”: 389,
“keepalive”: 60000,
“verify_ldap_host”: false

However, with the attributes ‘sAMAccountName’ the connection doesn’t works properly.
When I configure my Header Authorization with a base64(samaccountame:password)
Kong said that my credentials are invalid and returns an error in the logs:

AcceptSecurityContext error , data 52e , v3839

But the LDAP plugins works well with a CN attributes and the proper Base DN.

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