LDAP-auth plugin help

Hello everyone.

I am new to kong, and have implemented this inside of an existing kubernetes cluster. I have an example service setup (echo) which is set to just print out pod related information.

I then set up the ldap-auth plugin and added the annotation to my echo service via kubernetes cli.

My issue is that when I go to that service (echo) I prompts me with KONG unauthorized. There is no place it allows me to login with username / password and have the LDAP plugin authenticate me.

I know my ldap is set up correct, and the plugin as well since I can curl it via LDAP:

curl -I -H “Host: echo.kong.company.comecho.kong.company.com -H “Authorization: base64(ldap ID:Pass)”

How do I get Kong to prompt a user for there username / password when trying to access my service and allow them to view the service once authenticated through LDAP?

Thank you for any help.