Does api-obj in ADMIN API usable currently(0.14.0)?

Just noticed that the api-obj part has disappeared from the current document. Due to the dashboard & kongfig do not support route/service defination, we decide to continue using the api-obj in our production environment. Is it reliable to continue using api-obj in 0.14.x ?

I just tested it with API’s logic just for you using Konga - ( ) and I saw it does still work on 0.14.0 :slight_smile: . I highly recommend that UI any time you are doubting Kong’s Admin API and want the lazy mans way out(my way!) to validate functionality(let the UI do the REST dirty work for yah :slight_smile: ) . I would start considering moving away from the API resource though as it is indeed deprecated. Who knows when it gets the ax :open_mouth: .

Wow, just found konga has full support for service/route. We have been using kong-dashboard before. I’m going to make a migration right now :grinning:

Good call, the Konga dev is by far one of the most driven, competent UI +JS developers I have ever met.