Change the validation rules on tags

I want to assign key values strings to my consumer tags but I get a schema violation error any time there are characters like =, :, |

Is there any way around this validation?

  "message": "schema violation (tags.1: invalid value: a=b)",
  "name": "schema violation",
  "fields": {
    "tags": [
      "invalid value: a=b"
  "code": 2

Might be worth a shout as a git issue: , I wonder if you need to use escapes for that char specifically. Either way I feel like there should be ways to put w/e data you want in a tag at the end of the day without complaint(although I generally think tags are meant to be short string lookups) so maybe a length limitation would be appropriate haha.

I’m encoding the tags in hex as a work around for now.
created a github issue for it also:

Is it possible to forward consumer tags to the backend service also? It would be useful for pass to pass through some additional metadata about each consumer.

a custom plugin could do that, but no not by default.

Looks like a community member gave sample snippit of how I woulda done it too: