Request-validator plugin seeing schema violation

Hello Kong community,

My company recently started using Kong and my team is one of the first teams to adopt Kong for one of our services. I am using Request-validator plugin through Kong manager to set some rules around the service headers. I am passing the following fields/values in parameter_schema

(config.parameter_schema: {“name : X-TS-Authorization”, “in: header”, “required: true”, “schema: {“type”: “string”}”, “style: simple”, “explode: false”})

but I keep getting

schema violation (config.parameter_schema: { “expected a record”, “expected a record”, “expected a record”, “expected a record”, “expected a record”, “expected a record” })

So my question is what would the “expected a record” value be for the parameter_schema in my use case? Is there any documentations about this? Thanks

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