Kong request body validation fails after character exceeds 10202

Hi Team, I am seeing a strange issue with Kong 1.5 version. When I add a field in the request body as required and if its value exceeds 10202 characters in the incoming request, Kong error out with property field is required and 400 error. Could you please suggest what could be the issue?


Hello, have you accessed the URL through Kong? I have an interface, and the client will add many parameters after accessing the address. When I accessed through this URL, Kong could not match the corresponding back-end service, so it gave me an invalid request.


https://www.abc.com/for/api?actid=1&sid=f8f39032db53767e76bdb86babedc698&pid=1&ver=320&uid=undefined&mt=4&uniqueappid=32 003005&corever=3&langid=5&x=169

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