Are there limit to add consumers in acl plugin kong?

I am trying to add more than 99 consumers but I cannot


$ curl -X PATCH http://{HOST}:8001/plugins/{ID} \
    --data "config.allow=group1" \
    --data "config.allow=group2" \
    --data "config.allow=group100"

Problem solved !!

The Admin API limits the amount of POST/PATCH params on form-url encoded requests to 100.

You should be able to do do what you want by using a JSON request instead of a form-url encoded one.

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://{HOST}:8001/services/{SERVICE}/plugins
--data '{name: "acl", "config": { "allow": ["group1", "group2" ... , "group101"] } }'