Anonymous report got enabled automatically in kong 1.4.0

I am running kong(1.4.0) as a stateful set in Kubernetes 1.19.6. The container image used as “kong:1.4.0
Recently I have seen plugins API was constantly taking ~31s to complete and found that the kong is trying to send anonymous reports using admin_server config and that timing out at 30s. To resolve this issue I have made KONG_ANONYMOURS_REPORTS: off using configmap.

Timeout logs:
2021/11/16 05:46:42 [warn] 31#0: *87248 [lua] reports.lua:70: log(): [reports] could not connect to TCP socket: timeout, client:, server: kong_admin, request: "POST /services/4a459e12-7795-4d44-bd8e-f3012c4bcce4/plugins HTTP/1.1", host: "kong:8001"

As we are not using the latest tag in the docker container I am trying to figure out how these anonymous reports got enabled in code.

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