All in one kong ingress menifest with Aws RDS

I need all in one Menifest for kong ingress controller OSS with aws rds postgress.

The all in one manifests we provide are generally intended as example configurations that you can modify or build off of, while providing a complete environment that works everywhere without additional infrastructure. We can’t provide complete manifests that handle every possible configuration, and manifests alone can’t handle all aspects of an environment (you can’t, for example, provision RDS instances using stock Kubernetes resources). If you have questions about what you’d need to modify or how, we can probably help with those, but we won’t be able to provide you with an exact entire configuration (our sales team may be able to provide you with professional services teams to write configuration as part of an enterprise contract).

Traditionally, setting up Kong with RDS from scratch would require some non-Kubernetes tooling to provision the RDS instances, e.g. using Terraform. You’d then set the RDS instance address and credentials in your Kong Deployment manifest and remove the stock Postgres StatefulSet. It does look like AWS now provide controllers for AWS services, which would allow you to write a manifest that does provision an AWS instance. There is such a controller for RDS, but I’m not familiar with it, and the documentation on that repo is limited.

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