Where to find kong plugin config format?

Hi, in official documentation, plugin config has two ways: rest api and config file.
For example: https://docs.konghq.com/hub/kong-inc/request-transformer/

However, in kubernetes case, plugin is configured with a KongPlugin CRD. (example: https://github.com/Kong/kubernetes-ingress-controller/blob/master/docs/guides/using-kongplugin-resource.md)

Where should I find config format for ALL plugins?
Is the KongPlugin format EXACTLY the same as config file in official doc?

BTW. with below config, I can’t see the header is added in the request, but am not able to confirm whether it’s correct:

apiVersion: configuration.konghq.com/v1
kind: KongPlugin
  name: api-req-trans
  namespace: iot-gateway
plugin: request-transformer
    - "mykey2: my-tag"


Yes. Essentially, convert JSON to YAML for the config section. THat’s it.

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